Planning an Upcoming Move

Are you planning an upcoming move? Perhaps, you’ve recently ended a long-term relationship and need a change of scenery. Or, you might be moving to another state in order to accept a once in a lifetime job opportunity. Regardless of the reasons for your move, you may desperately desire to protect your belongings during the relocation process. To help you meet this goal, consider working with a popular moving company. Hiring a moving business can make the moving process both faster and less chaotic. On this blog, I hope you will discover the procedures a moving company utilizes to carefully pack a customer’s belongings. Enjoy!

Reducing Downtime During A Commercial Move


If you are moving your business from one place to another, expect your productivity to take a hit due to the associated downtime. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to minimize the downtime and ensure your business suffers in the least possible way. Here are some of these preemptive measures:

Prepare Your Staff

Inform your staff about the move and involve them in the preparation as much as you can. This will help prepare them both emotionally and practically for the move. For example, you don't want your workers making orders for deliveries to an address that you will soon be vacating; this can easily happen if you don't prepare your staff.

Prepare Your Customers

In addition to preparing your staff members, you also need to prepare your customers. Inform your regular customers directly about the move and advertise your move in the appropriate mediums for the general public. This shows your customers that you care for them and also lets them know where to find you in the future.

Don't Wait to handle everything on the big day

Start preparing for the move as early as possible and do what you can in advance; this should be the case both in your old and new location. For example, if there are items you don't use on a daily basis, you should pack them in advance to make your moving day effortless. You should also prepare your new location so that you can resume your operations as soon as possible when the items are delivered.

Time Your Move Properly

Most businesses have slow days and busy days. Ideally, you should plan your move for the slow days or seasons so that your busy days aren't interrupted and you can start working in the new location before your next busy days kick off. For example, if you don't work much over the weekend, then that is when you should plan your move.

Encourage Remote Working

You shouldn't stop all your business operations just because you are moving; if it's possible, you should operate even at half load during the move. You can easily do this if you can authorize and encourage remote working during the moving period. For example, staff members who can work remotely should be allowed to do so instead of coming to an office they can't operate in because it is being readied for a move.

Are you planning to relocate your business? If so, talk to a commercial moving company today to help you plan the move to minimize the disruption to your business as much as possible.


3 April 2018