Planning an Upcoming Move

Are you planning an upcoming move? Perhaps, you’ve recently ended a long-term relationship and need a change of scenery. Or, you might be moving to another state in order to accept a once in a lifetime job opportunity. Regardless of the reasons for your move, you may desperately desire to protect your belongings during the relocation process. To help you meet this goal, consider working with a popular moving company. Hiring a moving business can make the moving process both faster and less chaotic. On this blog, I hope you will discover the procedures a moving company utilizes to carefully pack a customer’s belongings. Enjoy!

Moving? Know What You Shouldn't Take With You


Getting ready for your big move? If so, your instinct may be to pack everything up and sort it all once you get to your new home. You should put some thought into what your take with you since there are some things that you should actually leave behind. Here are some tips for what items shouldn't go on a moving truck.

Flammable Items

A moving truck can get hot when it is on the road and under the sun. That is why it is advised to not move anything that is flammable in the truck. In fact, some of these items may have specific warnings on them that you have never read, which include temperatures that they should be stored at for the item to remain stable.

A list of potential flammable items include fireworks, chemicals, fire extinguishers, matches, fertilizer, and charcoal. If you are moving lawn equipment that uses gasoline, like a lawn mower, you'll want to empty the gas tank before you take the item with you.

Perishable Food

Any food that is perishable should not be moved in the back of a moving truck. Not only do you risk these items going bad and not making it to their destination, but they smell and make unpacking a really unpleasant experience. Plan to throw out that old food or take it with you in a cooler to eat on your road trip.

Living Plants

There are a couple of reasons to not take a living plant with you. First of all, there may be laws against taking the plant into another state, since it can bring diseases with it that local species are not used to. Second, the living plant may not survive in the back of a hot moving truck. If you can take the living plant with you, consider packing it in your car so that you can give it water.

Fake plants are different and should be fine for the movers to take. Just make sure that they are well protected by placing the plant in a box or wrapping it in bubble wrap. The risk is that the plant becomes crushed because it is quite fragile, so anything you can do to help it maintain its shape will ensure it arrives in the same condition it left in.

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4 April 2018